Fan reviews from "Enter The Guardsman"


"I don't normally make it a point to sit down and write out a long">

Fan reviews from "Enter The Guardsman"


"I don't normally make it a point to sit down and write out a long, in depth review of every single show I see. But sometimes there are productions or performers that inspire me in so many ways that I just can't help but sit down with a fresh sheet of paper (or a blank screen) and try to create something new and interesting. Of course, sometimes they just end up sounding like corny little introductions to a high school essay...very much like this opening paragraph to what will, eventually, be a commentary about Robert's performance in "Enter the Guardsman." Just give me a few minutes. 

First, the show was "Jekyll & Hyde." That was how I was first introduced to this man's amazing talents. While I wasn't really a fan of "Facade" or any of it's 500 reprises, I remember the 3 times (oy) I was sitting in my seat with virtually no leg room just so I could observe what new little "thing" he'd bring to the role that night, so I could hear how long that last note of "This is the Moment" would continue ringing through the air....or just to offer up the phone number of a really good chiropractor everytime he threw himself on the floor or flipped his hair around. And now on to the relevant part of this whole thing...

We went to see "Enter the Guardsman" on Sunday, September 19th. After a long ride and after somehow managing to get ourselves LOST because of that one godforsaken missed rail road tressle, we arrived at the theatre approximately ten minutes before the show was going to begin. I would sit here and go on and on about every little moment in the show that I absolutely LOVED but I won't because...well, most of you have seen it and you don't really need me to recap.

Instead, I will restate what people have stated MANY times before: It was wonderful to see him portray a character that didn't a) throw himself off a bridge, b) fall in love with Pamela Lee because she resembles "his" dead wife, c) inject himself with drugs, or d) kill other people. Now there are the actors who should pretty much stay away from comedies and then there are the people who unfortunately get labeled as being capable for only performing characters who are dark, mysterious, or homicidal. Needless to say, it's a beautiful thing when you can prove the skeptics wrong and show just how incredibly skilled and talented you are. He was able to touch the hearts of that entire audience with the goofy, sweet, and (occasionally) oblivious nature he gave to "The Actor." With his facial expressions, his gestures, his tone of voice, or whatever tool he was using, he brought smiles to the faces of every soul present in the theatre and the laughter hardly ever ceased.

Instead of ending with the typical, "Let's just hope we get to see more of  him in parts like this!" I'll simply finish by thanking him for being such an amazing person, for being such a HUGE inspiration, and for making me laugh ;o)


"Drew University has a great theater that it has developed along with its Shakespeare Festival. The wheelchair seating was absolutely great, right up front. I could count the sweat on Robert Cuccioli's brow. Enter The Guardsman was a very funny musical comedy. Robert and Dana Reeve were terrific and Mark  Jacoby was an unexpected surprise. Robert can really do it all. Good thing I had my seat belt on because I was laughing so hard that I almost fell out of my wheelchair.                                                                              

The play is a musical comedy and unknown to me has a recurring theme with roses. As an avid fan / groupie, I had sent flowers to Robert and decided on roses before I knew anything about the show. After the show, Robert acknowledged the roses and commented on how appropriate my choice was.   But, whether you believe it or not, I was speechless. My arm failed to work; it was Jello. I had been waiting to really talk to Robert since July the 18th of 1998, when I first saw him, in "Jekyll and Hyde". When I get the opportunity, my arm goes to Jello! I don't know what the thing is about Mr. Robert Cuccioli to make me feel like Jello. I had met so many Broadway, Movie, TV and Sports stars before this and I was able to talk to them all.           

Maybe, it's Robert's big brown eyes that you could get lost in by looking in them. Or, it's his long almost black hair that makes you want to run your fingers all through it. Or, it's his powerful voice that makes you melt.  Thank God for Sam! She saved my butt! She talked for me. She told him about Notre Dame and Ms. Wheelchair New Jersey. He was very interested and impressed. I finally had my picture taken with Robert. My hart almost came out of my body when Sam took the picture, because he put his strong arms around me. But, I've gotten ahead of myself.               

After the show, Sam and I headed off to find the stage door. We got directions from one of the ushers and walked past a girl who was busy trying to impress some guys by telling them she was the bouncer. The next thing we know, we're in the Green Room, up to our necks in a postproduction party for the cast and selected dignitaries. We had not been selected and after a little schmoozing I was kind of getting the feeling that we weren't supposed to be here. After autographs and a few pictures, we're trying to sneak out and as we exit the door, we run in to about 200 people waiting for autographs. It then clicks with Sam that we had crashed a VIP party. She turned a slight shade of red and I'm giving the soon to be patented Ms. Wheelchair, NJ wave. We laughed all the way home.

Sunday, I attended a brunch with the Robert Cuccioli Fan Club. These are some wild and crazy fans. One woman had seen "Jeckyl and Hyde" over 200 times. I met one of the club co-presidents and some of the other fans. It was fun to share our thoughts and memories of Robert's work. I can't wait for his next project.

Dawn P.

"Just returned from a trip to New Jersey to see 'Enter the Guardsman'  Worth the trip from anywhere!!!!  It was a beautiful day and a great day for theater!  Robert Cuccioli does it again!!!  The show really is a must see for all you "Bob" fans out there.  Especially those who have only seen him do the dark Jekyll/Hyde roles.  he is so good in a comedy!  Hard to imagine but true -- He can do it all!!!!!  Dana Reeve was a really nice surprise as I was not familiar with her work.   Very nice counterpart to our Bob.  Mark Jacoby from Phantom fame also was excellent.  If you all can get a chance to see this show, do it!! You won't be disappointed!    P.S.  After the show they had a question and answer period and everyone came out on stage and took questions from the audience.  What a nice surprise, and they hinted about wanting to take this show to Broadway.  Keep your fingers crossed!  It was also very obvious that just about everyone that was there was there to see Bob!  I hope he will do more theater in this area real soon!!!!!!"

Gail K.

"I'll see the play again because I missed many of the lines because of the loud laughter, mine and other audience members.  Bob continues to amaze me!  What a spectacular talent.   I couldn't believe how funny he was, having only seen him in J&H before.  I really enjoyed the show and it was nice to see Bob looking so happy, rested and relaxed.  He seems to be having a wonderful time with this role."

Ann C.

"Just got back from seeing 'Enter the Guardsman'.  Robert turned in a fabulous performance.  He shows he is as good at comedy as in a dramatic role.  I can't wait to see it again.   I hope he stays in the area for his next show."

    Joan M.

"The Man is brilliant!!! I never saw so much talent, come out of one person. We laughed from start to finish, and in between. He was wonderful! It made me so proud to wear his button. To support such a talent is a privilege and an honor. I know he has a brilliant future ahead. And I'm happy and proud to be a part of it!! God Bless you Robert, and guide you on your wonderful road to the top. We love you!

Rosanna & Jessica M.

"Last night, I went to see 'Enter the Guardsman' with Bob Cuccioli and Dana Reeve and Mark Jacoby.   It was excellent.  Bob did such a great job and I couldn't stop laughing at his portrayal of 'The Actor'.  If you want a fun night, go see it!"


"I went to see Robert last night -- all I can say is --- O H   M Y  G O D!!!  The man truly can not get any better, and yet each time he does!  He is so beautiful, and so so funny-- he looks really great in his new hair length.   It was just what I needed!"

Laura M.

"Playing Actor is Robert Cuccioli, the most dynamic musical theater personality to emerge in the '90s. Cuccioli made his mark as the title characters in "Jekyll & Hyde" on Broadway and again does exemplary work with two roles.  Here, though, he has a chance to play comedy, and he's hilarious.  One moment he's a vain-glorious, talking a blue streak but taking time to check his looks in the mirror.   The next he's a hurt little boy.  Then he's a sensitive husband.   Cuccioli can do it all, and he does!"

            The NJ Star Ledger - Peter Filichia

"Last night I went to see Enter the Guardsman.  What a great show!  I hope Mr. Cuccioli will decide to do more theater in this area once this show is over.  I wouldn't hesitate to see any show he was in.  He is an excellent performer.   I'm sure the future will hold many of new opportunities for him.  I'm glad I didn't miss it."

Kelly M.

"I must be honest with you and say that I had never heard of Robert until last night. But I went to the play last night and I always like to look up cast members on the WWW after a New Jersey Shakespeare performance to see what else they've done. I had no idea Robert was so well-known, much less had a fan club, although neither fact surprises me...he was great in the part, has a wonderful voice and perfect timing. There was also a group of women   waiting for him after the performance which is quite unusual for our local theater. The NJS group gets accomplished actors but not ones that have a fan club!

Reading over the comments of others, it is interesting to me that some people were surprised by his comedic abilities as I have only seen him in this play and he seemed tailor made for the part which requires him to continually shift gears from adoring lover to befuddled husband to comic foil.

I now wonder how he is in weightier material. I hope to see the play at least once more before it closes"

Liz P.

"On Wednesday night I had the pleasure of taking the trip from Long Island to Madison, NJ.  Even though the trip took 3 hours between traffic and getting a little lost on the outskirts of town, it was SOOOO worth it!!!!  I could not believe how totally AWESOME Robert's performance was.  I had  no idea he could do comedy so well.   He certainly has the mannerisms and facial expressions for it!  I already have tickets for the 27th and I am attempting to get a third show in.  Unfortunately I am away on on vacation for 8 days. UGH!!!!"

Patricia P.

"Saw the performance last night and was very pleased.  It was great to see the scope of Robert's acting abilities;  that he is just as good in comedy as he is playing dark and brooding characters.  I'm sure the future holds great possibilities for him"

Anne T.

"What a riot!!!!! I never expected it to be SO funny!!  I thought it might be 'subtle' humor ----wrong!! It is VERY campy and Bob is GREAT!   It's so different from JH or SG.  I didn't even pay attention to the music --- I was laughing too hard.   It would be good even without music!!   Bob looked like he was having a lot of fun with it...... It is definitely a new side of Bob for us to see----and he does an excellent job once again"

Nancy P.

"I just got back from seeing Robert Cuccioli in "Enter the Guardsman".  If I was asked to describe his role in one word I would have to say, WOW!  I have always known he was an amazing actor but after tonight I am convinced that he can play just about any part.   I never knew anyone could be so versatile!"

Linda L.

Bob is HILARIOUS!!!!!  I had to stop my friend from laughing out loud because I was missing the dialogue!!  We were rolling out of our seats!  Bob looked great and he looked silly - all in appropriate places.  I had tears rolling down my face!"

Jan A.

"'Enter the Guardsman" was fabulous!!!!!  I knew he would be good and I knew it would be funny, but let me tell you --- it was REALLY, REALLY funny!  The show was absolutely incredible.   We laughed until we cried.  It was a wonderful show and, while I have always known what a fabulous actor Bob is, I saw a whole new side of him tonight.   What a great evening - anyone out there who can still get a ticket,   GO!!!!!!   You will NOT be disappointed."

Kerri K.

"Oh - he is wonderful beyond belief.  Hysterically funny!!!!   This man never ceases to amaze, even when you are prepared to be amazed!!!   All I can say is YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!"

Janet O.

"What a show!  We loved it and totally cracked up at Bob - he is a GREAT comic actor,  just excellent!!!  Dana Reeve was wonderful and Mark Jacoby outstanding, but Bob TOTALLY stole the show... we were laughing out loud (along with the rest of the crowd!)    He has fantastic comic timing and it was so much fun watching him have so much fun!!!!    All we can say is Bob rocked the place as usual!!!!     You guys will love this!!!!   Of course, he got loud cheers and a standing ovation!    Got to run - to order more tickets - there goes our VISA again!!"

Melissa and Rick C.

"I have to tell you that even though we 'know he can play anything...he's that good', nothing prepared me for what we saw last night!   Bob is hysterically funny!!! His antics and lines were a 180 degree turn from the somber characters of Jekyll/Hyde and Archibald, the only characters we have seen him play.  I needed both hands to wipe away the tears of laughter.    Bob's voice was strong and, of course, beautiful... All are in for a definite treat!"

Connie C.

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