Comments from fans on Bob's January 3, 1999 (final) performance as Jekyll & Hyde......

updated 2/25/99

"What can we possibly say that hasn't been said over and over again . However. try we must for what you have given to your fans these past few years.

We attended your farwell party at Sardi's, got to speak to you, rode in the elevator with you and managed to get you in a photo with us. You were so gracious, as always. Although the evening was short, we would not have missed it for the world. The following afternoon (your last performance) we sat in the third row and were mesmerized all over again as we had been so many, many times before.

Sitting in that audience was an experience we will never forget. The love, adoration and electricity generated by your fans was unbelievable - it brought tears to the eyes of all those around us. I'm sure you could feel this from the stage. Although our Dr. Jekyll is gone, many hearts were left at the Plymouth Theater that afternoon. Broadway will never be the same to all of us!

Now as your career moves on, we go with you in spirit and hope that your "star" continues to rise. Many, many good wishes go with you and thanks for giving us so many enjoyable hours (on and off the stage) which we will always treasure.

Your fans will always be here for you and we hope that sometime down the road we will have the pleasure of meeting up with you once more.

Debbie and Marge B."

"I just mailed my $15 to get into the Robert Cuccioli's Fan Club. I'm very happy that he has one! If he didn't have a fan club, I would have started one on my own. I never was in a fan club before. This is how great of an actor and singer I think he is.   The first time I saw him in "Jekyll & Hyde" was in July of '98. In an effort to get my mind off myself, my father took me into New York for dinner and a show, because I just had surgery on my left wrist. I was in a cast and in a lot of pain. My father was trying to make me feel a little better, he knew I love to go into NY City and see shows. So, he got some tickets and we went into the city on one Saturday.

After dinner we saw Jeckyl and Hyde. The show was absolutely fantastic. The music, lighting and effects were wonderful. Robert Cuccioli's performance really took my breath away. I did the fan thing and hung around the stage door after the show and collected his autograph. In addition to being a fantastic actor, he was gracious and friendly. He made my summer. 

My summer was going down hill fast until I saw "Jekyll & Hyde". This was my second surgery in my left wrist. I over use it all the time, because my left arm is the only thing somewhat works on my body. I have cerebral palsy, which impairs my physical movements and my speech. I am confined to a wheelchair and communicate by spelling thoughts out on a word-board or a computer. None of this has stopped me from doing anything. I was an equestrienne on the NJ State team. I almost made the Disable Olympics team in '91 to go to Spain. I graduated third in my class out of 450 able-bodied students from Morristown High School in Morristown, NJ. Then I went to the University of Notre Dame. I was the first student with multiple-disabilities in the history of the university. I graduated cum laude in four years and got my BS in math. Now, I'm in the Computer Science and Engineering graduate program at Notre Dame and working on getting my MS. I had to take some time off because of my wrist, but I hope to go back in the fall.

If I get down, all that I have to do is put on the song "This is the Moment" sang by Robert Cuccioli. That song helps me get out of my bad mood.

For Christmas I gave my mother theatre tickets for two Broadway shows. One of them was to "Jekyll & Hyde". Robert Cuccioli was completing his two-year run in this role he really created and I really wanted to take my mother to see him in "Jekyll & Hyde" before he moved on. This was the last weekend he was performing so talk about cutting it close. The performance was breath taking, even more so seeing it for the second time. There is an anticipation that really builds when you know what to expect. Not every thing was as expected though. At one point, Dr. Jekyll runs to his desk and is supposed to deliver a very dramatic line. In this performance, he runs to his desk and slides into a chair almost falling to the floor. There must have been a lot of the audience seeing the play for a second time as there was an audible whisper of astonishment and "that's not how this is supposed to happen". The other actor on stage with Dr. Jekyll starts making up dialogue until Robert recovers his composure. Eventually, things got back on track but I was momentarily worried about my heartthrob. Mom and I had a really good time and left the theater on a very high note. I couldn't get to the stage door to see him, because there were a lot of people around the door. I couldn't ask him what he was doing next. Do you know?
I'm glad I got to tell you about how much I like Robert Cuccioli. I was going to write him to say thank you for giving me great memories, but I didn't know where to send the letter. I hope to see him in a Broadway show soon.
Best Wishes,
Dawn T. Parkot"

"It seems so sad to say that January 3rd was Bob's last performance of J&H. Bob will always be the ultimate performer. His star shines so brightly and only the very best will come his way. The performance he gave on Sunday was so outstanding there really are no words to describe it. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for renewing my love of the Broadway theater."

"January 3, 1999 will certainly go down as the most incredible day of theater we have ever witnessed! We knew that Robert Cuccioli's last day as J&H would be special, but we never imagined how emotional and memorable it would be. As everyone took their seats, you could feel an amazing energy in the air. As the lights went down loud cheering and applause started. Everyone in the cast was giving it their all, and the first act was spectacular! The highlights of the first act for us were "This Is The Moment" and "Take Me As I Am." Bob received a tremendous ovation after TITM, as the entire audience jumped to their feet and wouldn't stopping clapping and cheering! As Bob and Christiane ended their duet, instead of kissing her hand, the two actually kissed. The audience went wild!

Act 2 was fantastic and Bob performed "The Way Back" and "Confrontation"
.with such passion and energy. We have seen the show many times, but it was like we were seeing it for the first time. Bob's performance was flawless, Christiane sang beautifully, and the whole cast gave 150%!

During the bows the audience again jumped to their feet and never stopped clapping! We were sitting near the stage and turned to see the entire audience on their feet once again. We caught a glimpse of Douglas Sills (star of The Scarlet Pimpernel) who was in the audience applauding along with all of us! When Bob entered for his bow, we thought the place would explode! What a moment for him and for all of us as well. Luba Mason presented Bob with a beautiful bouquet of red roses, and Barrie Ingham presented Christiane with lovely pink roses. We all laughed when Christiane was presented with a bowling trophy (she is the best bowler on the J&H team), and Bob was presented with hedge clippers wrapped in a big bow! Brad Oscar presented Bob with the clippers and said Bob would be getting his hair cut now that he was leaving. A huge groan went up from the audience! Bob laughed as he accepted the gift.

Another highlight for us was when Frank Wildhorn was introduced and came out and sat down on the stage. Bob and Christiane sat on either side of Frank, with the cast gathered behind them. Frank told the audience how proud he was, and wished all the best to Bob and Christiane. He went on to say what we already knew, that Bob is a big Broadway star! Frank thanked Bob for all he has done to make the show a tremendous hit. Again loud cheers went up from the crowd! Christiane then thanked everyone and was in tears as she spoke. Then Bob thanked us all for being so supportive, and went on to thank the cast and all involved with the production. He spoke from the heart and it touched us all. We have never seen so many tears and tissues in an audience! This was a once in a life time moment, and we felt so fortunate to be a part of it.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Gay and Alison (Bob's fan club presidents) for working so hard and bringing all us Bob fans together. We have met so many wonderful people through Bob's fan club, many who will be life long friends. And of course a special thank you to Bob, who will never know how much he has touched us by his performance, and how much it meant to us to get to meet him and talk with him many times at the stage door. And thank you Bob for taking the time on your last day as J&H to say thank you to "the gang" before going over to the theater. That meant the world to all of us. And we all loved it when Jodi took out her camera and asked all of us to pose for a picture! You and Jodi are a beautiful couple and we wish you all the best. It has been an amazing year for us.....thank you all!

Rick and Melissa Charwin"

"I have always dreamed on making it to Broadway and I still do. I am pursuing this dream and Robert Cuccioli is the person who inspired me to want it even more. I had never waited on line with no sleep for a show in my life. As soon as I saw Robert take control on stage for the first time, I have never been so moved and touched by an actor before. I have now seen the show 23 times and it is deeply hard to say that the man I admire and who brought joy to me everytime I saw him on stage, after the show and for an autograph, is gone. He will never be forgotten by me. I someday will love to have the pleasure to work with Robert if my dreams come true.

On January 3, as I sat in the theater, I had neer been so honored to sit down, but was also saddened by the occasion. Friends I made from watching the show and waiting at 3:00 in the morning with for rush tickets, were ver saddened with tears in their eyes. After the show was finished I held in some tears and just saw my idol drift to bigger and better things. The one thing that I am so proud to say is that I told him how I felt and how much I looked up to him...That's something people never get a chance to do, but I did and I'm proud to say I'm a 'Jekkie' and that I got to see the best actor to hit the stage. Farewell, my friend. Hope to see you soon.


"The day had arrived! I was very happy, but very sad. Knowing it was to be the last performance of Robert Cuccioli was more than I could bare!! I saw many, now, good friends! Then the lights went out!! The music swelled, and there he stood! So breathtakingly beautiful! I knew it was the last time he'd stand there. He took my breath away! And my composure! I began to cry!! He gave the performance of his life! Perfect! I could see it was difficult for him. I wanted to reach out, and tell him we understood!!!! Then, it was over!! Over, but never forgotten!!! It will play on forever, in our hearts. We will miss you Robert!! and we'll always be with you, to support everything you do!!! Just a note: To those people that blinded him on stage!! If you claim you love the guy, how could you do that to him! Personally, I would never do anything to hurt or upset him. I have a great deal of respect for him! If you care for someone, you respect their wishes. Rosanna"

"Did anyone expect the performance to be anything less than wonderful??? It was both wonderful and sad at the same time I met Bob before the performance for just a minute and he was thanking all his fans for everything--the love and support that we showed was a really nice moment---I'm sure all are in agreement that we wish him the very best in all his future projects and hopefully there will be some projects that will be around New York so we can share it again...take care.... Pat T."

"Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant -  Bob's Final Performance Was Breathtakingly SPLENDENTE!........ Pam"

"I was so very fortunate to be able to attend Bob's final performance of Jekyll and Hyde, Sunday January 3rd. It is a day that I will remember for a long time to come. It was a magical afternoon, and I'm so grateful that I was able to be a part of it. The audience energy was incredible. I am sure that it was felt on stage, too. As the show began, I thought to myself what a bittersweet moment. I was happy to be there to watch Bob's last performance, but at the same time--- it was his FINAL performance. I knew a lot of the faces in the audience, and could hear everyone's sentiments echoing mine. Many of these people have grown to become my friends. We all share a common bond.
As the curtain rose, so did the energy in the audience. We were all eagerly awaiting for the magic to begin one final time. Bob looked and sounded great. >From the 1st note to the last scene, everything was perfect. I found myself fighting back the tears through much of the show."TAKE ME AS I AM" was very poignant. "Dr. Jekyll" kissed "Emma" at the end of the song. It was a nice
added touch. Needless to say, fighting back the tears at this point was futile. The tears were flowing. This was, indeed, a very special show.

THIS IS THE MOMENT was another great "moment". I've never seen Bob sing this song with so much feeling and passion. I'll never forget the way he sang it.--More tissues! (I should have taken out shares of stock in Kleenex a week prior to this!)

Everyone around me was also blown away by the amazing talent on the stage in front of us. We were all a part of an unbelievable and incredible experience and we didn't want it to end.

What happened next was a little  upsetting to many of us.  During the TRANSFORMATION, cameras were flashing everywhere, I couldn't believe it.  It was like we were at a movie premiere.  I've never seen so many flashing lights.  I found it to be incredibly rude.  The lights haad to have been blinding for Bob.  While I can understand everyone's excitement and wanting to capture one more moment on film, it was very disconcerting watching this happen by people who were fans.  It got to the point where Bob was trying to signal to the audience to please stop by stretching his arm out to the audience as to shield the lights from his eyes.  He was amazing, as he never broke his character once and continued on with the show as nothing was going on.

The second act went as smoothly as the first. DANGEROUS GAME was very "hot". CONFRONTATION was flawless. The man gets better and better every time. I don't know how he does it. I always think it's perfect-- just as it is, and the next time I see it, I notice something new or different that adds more to it. This song is truly an example of what a talented performer Bob is. The song comes at a point in the show when you know that he must be exhausted, but he pulls out all stops and gives it his all. This song really shows us what an extraordinary performer Bob is.

The show ended too quickly, and the next thing you knew it was time for the curtain call When Bob came out, the energy in the room was at an all time high. The applause was astounding, and he deserved every bit of it. This man has given his all-- show after show, night after night, 6 days a week for many years. What is really incredible is that he gives 150% each time he performs and for him that is the NORM! Several of the cast members gave speeches, and they presented him with a gift of jumbo size "garden shears" to cut his hair with. It was a very funny moment. Frank Wildhorn was also present and gave a wonderful speech acknowledging what a major role Bob played in making Jekyll and Hyde the success it has become. He spoke of how Bob took the show on his shoulders and gave everything he had performance after performance. And to quote Frank. " so much of the success both here on Broadway, nationally and starting in February internationally, so much of what J&H is and will become is because of this man over here." ----Truer words were never spoken.

The people were crowded into the space known as 45th Street after the show.The police kept telling everyone to stand on the sidewalks, but the sidewalks were filled with fans as well. There was no where to stand but in the street. We were all waiting for Bob's final walk out the stage door and to wish him well on his future endeavors. I have never seen so many people outside the theatre. What a great tribute to Bob that so many of his fans were outside waiting for him. I can only imagine what it must have felt like for him to walk out that stage door and see all of us there cheering him on. It must be an incredible feeling. Bob came out the stage door with Jodi and walked though the crowd smiling and waving at everyone. They got into the limo that was waiting for them and drove off. What a great way for him to leave on his last day. It was a special end to a very special period in all of our lives.
I wish Bob all the best in his career. I am looking forward to the next show, movie, tour or whatever he chooses to do. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the next stop---- wherever it may be. "

Inge Morse

"As with every performance I have seen Bob do he was the ultimate performer.   He has said that we have been an actors dream audience. Actually, he has been the dream actor that an audience can only hope to find. Hoping his return to the Broadway state will not be too far into the future."

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