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Antony & Cleopatra

  From Kim C.

Robert's performance was just amazing!!!  He really captured Marc Antony and Tamara was wonderful as Cleo.   I must say I wish I saw Jekyll and Hyde with him in it.  He really knows how to show anger and complete rage on the stage (which really made the point come across in this play).  He looked great in the play as well">

Fan Reviews

Antony & Cleopatra

  From Kim C.

Robert's performance was just amazing!!!  He really captured Marc Antony and Tamara was wonderful as Cleo.   I must say I wish I saw Jekyll and Hyde with him in it.  He really knows how to show anger and complete rage on the stage (which really made the point come across in this play).  He looked great in the play as well, totally right for the part.  I have no idea how the entire cast learned the lines that fascinated me and with such emotion and the speed they spoke them.  Bob really is such a gifted actor!

From Barbara M.

The first time I saw A&C it was difficult to understand what everyone was saying, since I had not seen Shakespeare, although I had read THE MEMORIES OF CLEOPATRA and had read through the play. HOWEVER, I was stunned by Bob’s performance -here we were a step beyond J&H. He was bombastic in the part. What a range of emotions he portrayed. I knew he was talented, but once again he topped himself. I was just awed!

After several shows I was picking up dialogue quite easily most of the time. Bob spoke "Shakespeare" so that it could be understood; so did Enobarbus (who was great); and stiff though he was, Caesar was easy too understand, as well as Cleopatra. She was a great Cleo and she and Bob worked well together. I loved the sound design - between scenes it was great. I think the play benefited by the bare stage and the attire was just right.

All of us who know Bob at the stage door,, "quiet and kindly to all", know what he can do on stage. It is a wonder he could even exert any energy to greet his fans. But I never expected such an explosion of temperament, rage and sorrow as Bob gave us. His tears fell often, he was at once tender and humorous with Cleopatra, he was jubilant with his successes and then he was beaten, raging across the stage. What a range of emotions! He truly exploded on stage. One could not take their eyes from him. I have never seen any other actor with his intensity. His performance is still resonating in my mind! As the director said, it was hard to find Antonys, but boy did she find the right one in Bob.

One night, during my second week seeing the show, as Antony stabs himself and turns to the audience, slamming the knife to the floor and saying "Not yet dead!" I said "Oh, this is sooo sad" so LOUD that probably everyone in the first ten rows heard me. It just really hit me at that point, What a tragedy it is. Antony and Cleopatra was a GREAT tragedy with Bob. More Shakespeare, please! But don’t forget the singing. What a special gift Bob has; he has honed it to a fine degree. And all of us are the beneficiaries. Lucky us!

From Sandi

went to see Antony & Cleopatra last night. It was unbelievable. To know the kind of talent that Bob has as a singer and then to see the same degree of talent in a difficult (beyond difficult) role is amazing. He is truly a unique person!

From Kerri

I saw Antony and Cleopatra last night. I know that, coming from me, you are going to find this hard to believe,  I was "speechless".  He was FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS!!!!! I can't even find the words.  I absolutely loved it. His temper tantrum in the second half made Edward Hyde look like a pussy cat. It was unbelievable!!! I said to him at the stage door -- after I told him I was "speechless" and how fabulous he was -- that "After seeing that I didn't EVER want him to angry with ME."   I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!!!!! You can tell he is very proud of it and passionate about it. Who could ask for anything more.

From Rosanna

Hi Everyone, just saw Antony&Cleopatra last night! Wow! Even if you don't understand Shakespeare with Bob in it, you won't need a translator. He was spectacular. He was a powerhouse of Emotion! Forget a 110%, this was definitely 200%!! He was unbelievable! How he could do that for over 3hrs. and then come out, so warm and sweet and calm. God bless this man. He is one of a kind. Robert your the absolute best, everything you do, comes alive with emotion. Your blessed.

from Patty

"Rock thy Brain" is the motto of the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival this year in Madison, and the 2000 season consists of six plays.  "The Forest" premiered in June and it suggested the audience would "split thy sides".  Next came "Twelfth Night" where the entreaty was "soothe thy soul".  Ionesco's "Rhinoceros" followed, hoping to help us "drop thy jaw".  The current production is "antony & Cleopatra" starring Robert Cuccioli and Tamara Tunie.  The phrase that heralds its' arrival is "Ignite thy passion".  No truer words were ever spoken, because ladies (and gents for Ms. Tunie) - start your engines!!! IGNITION IS INEVITABLE!

No matter that you are not a follower of the Bard, for the eloquent dialog is spoken with such feeling and emotion that the intent is understood and enjoyed.  All the cast members are integral parts to the whole and it is a very satisfying evening of the theater. 

There are no words to adequately describe Bob in his role as "Antony".  He sustains and augments deep levels of emotions throughout the production, ranging from unequalled joy and pride in the victory of his forces, to unmatched despair at the seeming betrayals and dishonor.   It is a role he was born to play, and he exudes a majesty and command of the story that is incomparable.  it is a performance and a theatre experience that no one should miss.   So, ORDER THY TICKETS!     You won't be sorry.

from Linda

Bob's Antony is very powerful! And Ms. Tunie's Cleopatra is in no way overshadowed by him. The chemistry is there right from the start. It was truly a learning experience watching him. Shakespeare is difficult to do. Only a few actors come out of the performance unscathed by the critics. I believe Bob will be one of those few.

from Joan...

What can I say about it - except the acting was fabulous.  Robert gave an electrifying performance and the chemistry between Robert and Tamara was incredible.  It was breathtaking and I was so absorbed in the performance that I felt like I was the only one in the theater.


Just came from seeing A & C at the Shakespeare Festival.   It was so good that I can't find the words right now.   Everything about the production was marvelous,   staging, costume, set design...  and of course the casting could not have been better. Bob's performance was wonderful, powerful, compelling,  

We waited for him after the show, and as you said in an earlier note, he is just so nice.  and so soft spoken I had to think a second, is this the same guy who not too long before was in a full rage on stage ( scary, several times over, well Cleopatra did give cause, or he thought she did ).   I am very glad I thought to get tickets for a several more performances , I enjoyed this one so much. 

from Ann C.

What a performance by Bob!!  He was superb (no surprise) and so kind and gracious afterwards. I'm looking forward to seeing the play again on the 24th and 30th.  He said they'd be working on improving it.  It was perfect as far as I was concerned.  Another great night of theater provided by RC!!!

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