Dorian The Musical  - Denver Colorado

September 12-29, 2002

Fan Reviews:

    I have just returned from three delightful days in Denver.  Of course, I went specifically to see "Dorian" and, in particular, Robert Cuccioli in person for the first time.  I know, I know - how could I not have seen him before now?  Living in California is great, but it does have its disadvantages!!  Trips to the east coast are not always timed correctly!!  However, to be absolutely sure I saw him and not his understudy, I purchased a ticket for both nights that I was in Denver.  And what can I say?  It was a wonderful experience!  I could not imagine a musical with this very dark storyline.  But, of course, "Dorian" was excellent.  The setting in New Orleans during Mardi Gras was accompanied by wonderful jazz and blues, and the costuming and dancing complemented the decadent atmosphere perfectly.  Matt Cavanaugh, who plays Dorian, is obviously a very talented young man (and very good looking as well)!  He played an excellent naive, earnest young man to Bob's Henry Lord - a cyncial, tormented and sometimes cruel mentor.  (Haven't I heard that word "tormented" used to describe some of Bob's other roles?)  Of course, Bob played this part as I'm sure no one else could.  The quality and range of his voice and his commanding presence on stage were fascinating!  As others have said of his work, he shows great depth of emotion - and he also delivers some very funny sarcastic lines.  I have to say that it was great to see "Dorian" on two successive evenings.  The first evening was enjoyable just because of the anticipation and effort to take it all in.  The second evening was just as good, or perhaps better, because I knew the storyline and could enjoy the dialogue, music and dancing even more.  The look Bob gives the audience at the end of the play was chilling - those eyes!  Now that I've seen him in person - yes, he even looked good just walking down the street with take-out from Chili's (I think) under his arm!! - I'm even more of a Robert Cuccioli fan.  I would hope that "Dorian" will eventually make it to Broadway.  If you have the opportunity to see it - either on tour or in New York - don't miss it!!  Thank you, Bob, for two wonderful evenings!                                                                                                             --Cookie                                                                                                         Lake Tahoe, California

After seeing Jekyl and Hyde, I just had to see Dorian and did so last night in Denver at the Buell theater and thought the best thing about the awesome show was Robert Cuccioli's performance. Outstanding!

thanks, -Kristi H.

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