Funny Girl - Pittsburgh


Fan Reviews

Well, another cross-country trip to see Robert Cuccioli in person on stage.  Who knew that there were fun things to see and do in Pittsburgh!!  I had a terrific three days there - but of course the highlight was to see "Funny Girl" twice!!  Ana Gasteyer was a wonderful Fanny Brice  - she is so funny and touching, and she sings beautifully!  As for Bob - well, as Fanny said the first time she saw him, "Gorgeous!"  The velvet-voiced Mr. Cuccioli has such a presence on stage  - singing and speaking.  He was certainly the focus for the audience whenever he walked on!  (O.K. maybe that's just me, but I heard lots of oohs and aahs when he first appeared  - there must have been some other "Cuccis" in the audience!)  So - thank you, Bob, for another wonderful performance - and two very enjoyable evenings!

Cookie R.
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Of course, "Funny Girl" was stupendous and Bob was superb, as ever.  His voice was rich and beautiful, and his acting outstanding!  Ana Gasteyer was marvelous, as well; she has a very strong and powerful voice.  She was a wonderful Fanny and she as Fanny and  Bob as Nick were terrific together. 

Patty C.

Long Island, NY

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