The 14th Annual MAC Awards were given out APRIL 9">

The 14th Annual MAC Awards were given out APRIL 9, 2000

Barry Manilow and Bobby Short received special honors.

ROBERT CUCCIOLI, Faith Prince, Karen Mason, Alix Korey and Julie Wilson were among those who performed.

Below is a 'review' of this ceremony written by Patty C.         More reviews are welcomed....

"The 14th annual MAC Awards (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) were held April 9, 2000 at Town Hall in Manhattan.  it was a jam-packed, talent-filled evening, and judging from the enthusiastic audience response, quite a success.

While everyone who contributed to the evening was splendid, from host, Jim Canso and the Bobby Peaco Trio, four performers were truly standouts.

The first presenter brought everyone to their feet, as she is an icon in the entertainment world - LIZA MINNELLI.  Although she didn't perform, just being in the same room with her was thrilling.  Her generous spirit came across the stage and it is understood why she is revered and respected.

Bobby Short, a staple of Cafe' Carlyle for 30 years, received the MAC Lifetime Achievement Award.  Columnist Liz Smith presented him with the honor, and her accolades regarding Mr. Short were readily shown to be true without exaggeration.   He performed to thunderous applause, and his quiet dignity and enormous talent shone through.

Barry Manilow (does he even need an introduction?) received the MAC Board of Directors Award.  He entertained us with tales of his start in the cabaret circuit, sang a medley of his commercials, and closed with the wonderful song, "Studio Musicians".  He looked great, sounded fabulous and was extremely personable.  The 1000+ seat house rose to their feet in tribute to this performer who has sold over 58 million records and who continues to bring excellence in entertainment to new and old fans alike.

And now, I have saved the best for last - Mr. ROBERT CUCCIOLI (the reason this writer and friends attended this event).  Although we were sitting in the balcony, when Bob walked onto the stage, he looked twenty feet tall.  Jan Rosenberg, his musical director, accompanied him on piano.  He sang "Larger than Life" from the Musical "MY Favorite year".  This song is from his current cabaret show at Arci's, and it was a perfect choice.  He sang powerfully, beautifully and emotionally, all the while telling a story that was heartfelt and true.  Our entire row (and incidentally, most of the house) did not breathe throughout the song.  when we finally did exhale, we all cheered - rather enthusiastically!!!  But, quite honestly, there is no other way to respond to a Robert Cuccioli performance.  He evokes feelings in his audience that cannot be denied and have to be expressed.  It was a truly magical night and a grand privilege of be a part of it."

                        Patty C.


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