Fans Reviews

The Pajama Game

from Patty C.

"There once was A Man">

Fans Reviews

The Pajama Game

from Patty C.

"There once was A Man, Who Went to Pittsburgh

Playing a handsome guy whose name was Sid,

Between his singing, and his acting and his PJ's,

He truly wowed us - that's what he did!"

The man, here, is of course, Robert Cuccioli, and the musical was "pajama Game" which ran from July 18th - 23rd at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh. 

The sets, the costumes and the acting were fabulous all around.  Although set in the 50's, it didn't seem dated.  In fact, the show was fresh and exciting.

Bob, once again, blew the roof off the house!!  The town of Pittsburgh loved him as well, judging by the glowing reviews.  The arrangements of "Hey there" (in which Bob sang a duet with himself!) and "There Once Was a Man" were both show stoppers.   Everyone was humming the score when leaving the theater - a sure sign of a success!

Bob fit the role of Sid Sorokin like a hand in a glove.  He was funny, tender, strong, and likeable - all in the right places.  And, his voice was rich and beautiful.

The whole experience was a delight - but I shouldn't doubt it.  Any play with Bob in the cast promises excellence in entertainment."

From Janeen.....

It's been almost a month since I've seen Pajama Game and I still can't get Bob's rendition of "Hey There" out of my head and I'm not complaining. HINT to Bob: Record this one! Having no idea of what it was about or no inclination to see the show before Bob I was pleasantly surprised by how it didn't seem outdated after all these years. And it was nice to see a happy fun Bob party during the picnic scene and actually get to have a really good time. And he lives happily ever after. I haven't been disappointed in Bob's choices of roles on stage yet and have a feeling I never will be.

From Inge....

Just got back from Pittsburgh after seeing Pajama Game.

I highly recommend it to anyone in the area. Bob looks great (nice hair cut)  and his voice was in top form. The audience was very receptive to him. I heard many people during intermission and after the show commenting on how wonderful he was. It was nice to hear. Of course, I had to speak with them and agree!!

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