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The NY Historical Society's 'Songs of Richard Rogers' concert #3 last night was truly 'Something Wonderful'.   The theme for this concert was the character songs of Richard Rodgers and included selections from Carousel , Pal Joey , King and I etc etc etc 

We had a pleasant surprise , as, in addition to Bob, singers included Victoria Clark ( Ella in Bells are Ringing) , Glory Crampton, who recently was the lead in Papermill Playhouse's production of Carousel (she knew all the words, without having to refer to her songbook) and Richard Roland .    The evening was hosted by Max Wilk, who is a musical theater historian , and who has researched and written a wonderful book on the composer and his work.  Mr. Wilk was a charming fellow, treated us to some funny anecdotes and was just as 'wowed' as we were by the marvelous performances of Bob, Glory, Victoria and Richard. 

Since the topic was 'character songs'  the evening started with Bob singing 'Its a Puzzlement' from the King and I and we were off and running for another 1 1/2 hours of some fun and some awe inspiring singing.

My favorites?   Victoria singing 'Something Wonderful' from King and I , and  Bob and Glory singing 'If I Loved You' from Carousel - they did not just the song, but the whole scene / set up for this wonderful song showing Billy Bigelow and Julie Jordan falling in love ...  sigh!

and ...  the evening was concluded with a 'stop the show ' rendition of Billy Bigelow 's Soliloquy (again from Carousel) , an eight minute extravaganza of emotion,and self examination for the character - realizing he's going to have the life long responsibility for a son or daughter ..   Oh , who sang this?       Can't you guess?   

I knew Bob had portrayed Billy Bigelow earlier in his career, and I had never thought I would have the opportunity to hear him sing it.  It was, well, I am speechless.  At least I was for about a minute and a half, while I found my wits again, when Mr. C finished the last note ...   I think everyone felt the same way, all we could do was cheer.

A very nice little reception afterwards and the evening was over.

just a little postscript : before the concert began, I overheard one of the NY Historical Society members (they had reserved seats, easy to spot) say to her companion,  "my goodness, it certainly is packed tonight , what a crowd."      I am pretty sure they were sold out  which probably doesn't happen that frequently - heh heh heh - RCFC strikes again!!!!!

Yours in NJ, where summer strikes when you least expect it,                   Gail

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