Fan reviews of

"The Stranger"

Fan reviews of

"The Stranger"

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"I am so glad that I was finally able to see this movie.  The story has such a deeper meaning, and Bob was perfect to play the role.  His voice is so distinctive you know that it is him from the minute that he utters his first syllable.  Though it had a great premise for the story.  I found myself just waiting for the scenes with Bob in them, he looked absolutely gorgeous.   

I enjoy movies that leave me with a feeling of some emotion after I watch them and this one definitely did. Listen closely to what he says, and read the opening lines as the movie begins, even if you have to view it a couple of times it is well worth it.  I will certainly be watching this movie again and again.  

 I found it refreshing that in this day and age where so much is geared toward young people, this movie was a more serious movie, it was touching and Bob was able to show his wonderful acting abilities.  He comes across so mysterious, with a smoldering sensuality. I can not believe that he has not been asked to more films. I hope that this film does get released in the US because I can not believe that it wouldn't make Bob a bigger star.

This is a must see for any and all of Bob's fans and those who didn't know about him yet will become be fans after watching.

                                                                                                                               Elisa B.  

"After watching THE STRANGER three times I am entranced.  The dialog is sometimes hard to understand, but after several watchings, the unusual story becomes clearer.  I thought it was filmed very well and that Bob was PERFECT for the part of The Stranger.   He truly looked gorgeous in every frame and he was really sexy!  The role was made for him, or he was made to play the role.

 I liked Roxana Zal very much.  The scenery and sets were great.  It truly is an intriguing story - I won't give it away, but it is worth watching more than one time.  As I said, Bob was wonderful and of course did a perfect job in this part.  He was a great presence in this film.  He was especially arresting in the way he was photographed some of the time.   He truly is a handsome man.  As if we didn't know that!  This man can do anything - I think there is no limit to his talent. To me he is like a chameleon - he can change "colors" at will!

And I loved the song  Bob sings over the closing credits called "Look to the Sky".  I did not recognize his voice it is until I read he was singing - a new sound from him!

Why oh why is this man not the hottest star since Antonio.  He beats him hands down!!!!!!  Someone at the top should "discover" this great talent.  It is about time.  Must go now and watch the movie again!"


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