Fan Reviews - Victor/Victoria

The show was excellent but the main reason that I was there was to see Bob Cuccioli and I was not disappointed.  Actually, I was slightly disappointed because he was not on stage enough nor did he sing enough.  I most enjoy Bob when he is doing musical comedy.  I know most of his fans know him mainly from "Jekyll and Hyde" but since I live in Millburn, I have been very fortunate to have seen Bob in most of his Papermill productions.  And he is so good at musical comedy.  I also enjoyed him in both productions of "Enter the Guardsman" over the past year.  He has such a stage presence and is so charasmatic.  He was wonderful as King Marchan and I am seriously contemplating seeing the show again before it ends next week.

JoAnn S.

 Bob is the perfect ‘King’ wondering why and how in the world he can be attracted to this ’guy’ Victor, who is just as attracted to him. Comedy seems just as natural to him as does the heavy emotional tragedy (as evidenced in Antony & Cleopatra, which was splendid) , but I never forget, that behind this ease of character, how much work and meticulous care he puts into every role - it shows!!

Do see Victor /Victoria - last show on December 10!!! - it is hilarious, especially the scenes between Norma (Tara O’Brian) and King (Bob, of course). And the music is beautiful. Judy McLane is a fabulous Victor / Victoria , and actually has the best songs in the show, you can’t help humming them as you leave the theater (not during the show, please.)   The entire cast just glows, making it a thoroughly enjoyable night at the PMP!

                                                                                                                                                       Gail N.

Fabulous! The show itself was hilarious and all the actors immense talent just added to it.  Robert Cuccioli, who plays King Marchan, was amazing! He fit the character soooo well it was a tad scary. This role definitely brings out the lighter side of him which you will see if you meet him at the stagedoor.   The character, in a way, is more like the real Robert Cuccioli.  Lee Roy Reams has the stage presence that makes him just perfect for the role of Toddy.   His talent really comes out during the big dance numbers which are typical of a classic show like Victor/Victoria.   Judy McLane was wonderful!   She was amazingly like Julie Andrews.  Victor/Victoria is fun, lotsa laughs, and touching.    All in all.... Don't miss Victor/Victoria at the Papermill Playhouse in Millburn New Jersey!!!!                                                                                                                     Lottie   C.

“’To Much Of A Good Thing Can Be Wonderful’ - Mae West

This quote  came after seeing Robert Cuccioli's performance  in "Victor Victoria", performed at the Papermill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ.  The show was great!  The orchestra was amazing!  The costumes were outstanding!  The whole cast fit together like a perfectly fitted glove as though they were all meant to play the parts they were given. Sort of like the roles were created specifically for each of them.    

Robert played "King" like no other could!  He was breathtaking.  I felt as though I went back in time and I was watching a "Silent Screen Star."  He was dashing!  The impact of his voice was noticeable by the audience's strong positive reaction.   He doesn't actually enter the stage until about 45 minutes into the show but when he does you know it!  If I was asked to describe seeing him for the first time as "King" it would bring me to the lyrics from "Sunset Blvd.'s", "With One Look."   I must say Robert was most Extraordinary!    

Judy McLane played "Victor Victoria."  I wasn't familiar with her before last night. After seeing her performance it was obviously why she was chosen.  Her voice was beautiful.  She was wonderful!  

Lee Roy Reams played "Mr. Todd," I had heard from friends of mine that he was funny and I think that was an understatement!  He was hilarious! 

Tara O'Brian played "Norma," now talk about hilarious, she was so funny the audience actually "Laughed Out Loud."  She was perfect for the role. 

All in all I would say each and every member of the cast had impeccable comedic timing.   I strongly suggest you see the show so you can see for yourself, you be the judge, and promise me one thing ... that you will write me afterwards so I can have the pleasure of saying "I told you so"                                    Linda 

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