Arci's - fan reviews:

From Rosanna">

Arci's - fan reviews:

From Rosanna, Jessica, Jason, & Christina too!!

    It was finally here. The day I'd longed for. My son,daughter, and I were at Arci's. I couldn't waite!! Finally, the lights went out! The music from Jekyll&Hyde started, and his voice came out of the darkness, that beautiful voice! And there he was!!! Could he look more beautiful, sound more compelling?? Yes he did!! His show "Hero", was as brathtaking as he was. I hung on every word. And he is so personable, he made sure, that you knew, he was aware, of every single person in that room. And you could feel his eyes upon you, and you could feel how special every song he sang was, and every word he said. Bob will always be my "Hero"! He came into my life when I needed to find my way back! Back to my love of both theatre and music. And made a very special friend along the way! Which was a special added bonus.    It's been a pleasure for me and my girls to go through the many special events for Bob. And we love him dearly! Thanks for a beautiful evening, and memorable. We look foward to sharing many more of your talents. God Bless!

From Ann C.

Trudy & I were at Arci's on Weds.night. What a show!! Bob was totally mesmerizing. He was funny, poignant, romantic, and totally wonderful.(Looked great, too!) I had tears in my eyes when he referred to his father, especially since my son has often said the same thing about his dad, that he really didn't get to know him until it was too late. His tribute to his sisters was also wonderful. The thing that was so interesting about this performance was that it gave the audience a glimpse of Bob, the man, rather than just Bob, the performer - and both are terrific. I am looking forward to seeing him again in Enter the Guardsman and Anthony & Cleopatra.

I brought my son's girlfriend and his best friend's wife with me and Tracy had never seen Bob before. It is always so much fun to watch the reaction to him...needless to say,  Tracy is a new fan.  The girls couldn't get over how gracious he was. The place was totally packed. When I called on Tues. to confirm my reservation, the gentleman who answered apologized for keeping me on hold. He said that they were so busy, and they were so glad for Bob because it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I totally agree!

from Selene C.

Thanks again so much for a breathtaking experience! I still can't believe Bob sang "Love Me Tender" to me! When I told everyone the next day one of my employees said, "Oh yeah, you wish! And where did this supposedly happen?" It really does sound unbelievable that we could even sit that close to him, let alone be serenaded! It was truly an unforgettable evening! And when I heard him sing "This Is The Moment" I cried. Once again Bob has proved himself to be one of the greatest performers ever! As I once wrote to him, his voice is my nirvana! I am so happy to be able to see Bob perform again! Long may he reign!

From Patty C.

The other night, 2 days into Robert Cuccioli's cabaret performances at arci's, our waiter, Derek, informed us, "Robert will own this place before too long."  That about sums it up.  The way that Bob owns the roles in "Jekyll & Hyde", "Enter The Guardsman", and "Dorian"; he has won over yet another genre in the entertainment arena.

His act is unique and personal.  He has chosen a theme, entitled the show "HERO", and all the songs are lined by the similar threads of that definition.  With his performances, he evokes broad smiles and goose bumps, as well as chuckles of laughter, and in my case, unashamed tears.   While he is singing "Till There Was You" (which he dedicates to Christopher and Dana Reeve to illustrate the heroism of love), you could hear a pin drop, as he drew us totally into that moment.

The show is so much more than any cabaret I have ever seen.  Bob beautifully tells a story and you can visualize him turning pages in chapters of a book, which flows seamlessly to a wondrous conclusion.

It is not merely an evening of songs beautifully and powerfully sung.  It is a journey and reminders about areas of your soul that you know are there, but perhaps need to revisit.  He paints beautiful pictures with his voice and expressions that will long remain in memory.  It was a moving experience that I will long cherish and be ever grateful for.

from Diane L.

I GOT THE NAPKIN!!!!!  Last night was one of the most wonderful nights of my life ever.  Well, first of all, Bob was outstanding as usual.  This is the second time I'm seeing him in "Hero" and he seemed even more relaxed.  Let me just cut to the chase... when he started singing "Love Me Tender" my knees started shaking, my heart was beating faster - I wanted him to sing to me so badly that I became a nervous wreck.  And then he came near me, but it didn't look like he was going to turn to me - he was actually walking past me and then the best thing happened - the microphone cord got stuck and he couldn't pull it any further - it was almost like someone up there took pity on me and said 'sing to her....'   and then, limited by his cord, he turned to he with his head seductively to the side and started SINGING TO ME, and he was right there 5 inches from my face - my adrenaline was going, beads of sweat formed on my forehead, I was trembling; and then I did what any 'normal' person would do at a moment like this -- the moment they've waited for; a tender moment with Bob staring into you eyes -- I started TALKING!.  I discovered that not only was my body trembling, so were my lips - I couldn't control myself.  He's 5 inches from my face, singing "Love Me Tender" and I STARTED TALKING to him.   Here I am TALKING while this man is singing a love song to ME!.  And I felt the beads of sweat running down my forehead, and I'm telling him that I'm so happy and that I'm so nervous, and I thanked him over and over again, and I told him I couldn't believe this was happening to me.... I don't remember all that I said but I was talking a mile a minute, and his eyes never left mine.  And then I reached for my napkin to wipe the beads of sweat that were forming on MY FOREHEAD.   I would liked to have wipe HIS forehead, but out of respect for him, I thought better of it;   so I wiped MY forehead and I told him I was shaking and I held out my hand to show that I was trembling, and I would never forget the look in his eyes -- he wanted to laugh so badly, but he couldn't because he was singing to me.  And then he reached behind him for his napkin and I was in a frozen state as I saw this napkin being handed to me -- and then IT WAS MINE.... I got the 'prize'!   

I will truly never, ever, ever, ever, ever forget last night.  Bob signed my napkin "To Diane: with Love from Elivs -- Robert Cuccioli"  -- it actually brought a tear to my eyes when I read it because last night I got 2 autographs in one - from the only 2 stars I've ever swooned over  - Robert and Elvis.  I am complete!"

From Elisa B.

Bob has done it again.  He just keeps proving what a wonderful entertainer and amazing human being he is.  Arci's performance was off the charts.  In J&H bob's raw animal magnetism transformed him into a character larger than life, at Arci's he allow you a glimpse into the man.   He brings to his performance an unbelievable range of emotions and sentiments.   He connects with his audience in a way that few performers can.  My husband and I being the same age as Bob (even both born the same month) could relate to his memories of growing up and the songs that he sang.  His words and songs of encouragement and strength touched a part of everyone there.

We were lucky enough to be there for both shows and when I was able to speak to him I couldn't believe it.  Even after performing twice he was gracious and warm - not at all like talking to an entertainer.   It was more like greeting an old friend.  His love of entertaining and his fans is evident and I think that is what endears him to so many.  If you can see the show, please do, you will have a wonderful time and memories to last a lifetime.

From  Linda F.

I saw Bob on Friday (4/7). He said he was a "child of the 70's" and he proved it. He sang Lennon's "Imagine," something of Joni Mitchell's, a few Bette Midler's - "the Rose," "Wind Beneath My Wings," etc. The theme is "The Hero" and he followed this throughout.He came across wonderfully well - very personable, very charming, warm and sincere. And, oh yes, very funny!! He did a dead-on tribute to "The King" (Elvis) -, hysterical!!! And yes, he did "Moment" as his encore. He really didn't do Broadway - except for maybe "Man of La Mancha." No, I take that back - he did a fabulous "C'est Moi" from "Camelot. Since I am old enough to have seen Goulet do it, when I say "fabulous" I mean it! Arci's (I've now learned it's pronounced "Archies") is a wonderful, affordable evening. The setting is intimate, the food is great, the waitstaff is great -- Go and Enjoy!!

From Barbara M.

Finally, I have decided to write a review of Bob Cuccioli’s Arci’s Cabaret Show. First of all I want to say that I agree with everything that has been written on this page regarding the show. Those who know me, know that I think Bob can do no wrong and that no one in the theatre today can touch him. So rather than give a general review, I will make it a personal one, if you don’t mind.

During the show Bob does a wonderful song “Love Me Tender” -and Elvis Presley song.. Well, this turns out to be hysterical! Bob does a perfect imitation of Elvis singing “Love Me Tender.” He leaves the stage and sings to many of the women in the audience (and most of the audience is very, very close to the stage). He usually picks out about five women to sing to - right at their tables.   Many times during this song, I was serenaded by Bob, me barely able to keep from laughing - cause he was so good and so funny. . Many nights, the microphone cord got caught in the microphone stand and he had to drag that along with him when he left the stage to serenade the ladies making it more hysterical. It was one of the most popular songs of the show! He usually picked a napkin off the piano, wiped his “sweat” and at the end of the song in the audience, he would give the napkin (as Elvis did with handkerchiefs) to one of the fans. Of course, I was wanting one, but time went on and I never got one. The last evening I was there he crooned to me near the end of the
song and - lo and behold - I got the napkin!! Everyone cheered and I waved it high above my head! Victory at last!!! I was indeed thrilled to get it.  After the show, as he did for the other recipients of a napkin. He autographed it - “To Barbara - with love from Elvis - Robert Cuccioli.” What a nice souvenir to have!!

Then another night, I decided that Bob deserved a rose, since he sang the song “The Rose” (Bette Midler). So I got 6 red roses and gave two to the owners of Arci’s, and one to each of the musicians - two guitars and the pianist. Someone evidently put one or two of the roses on the piano and the others were on the music stands. Somewhere in the middle of the set, Bob says , “Where did all these roses come from?” Well, some of the people in the audience said “Barbara.” Immediately Bob put a rose in his mouth ( ala Carmen) and in a low sexy voice, looking at me (who was sitting front
center}“I will talk to you later!!!” What fun!. Well, the show continued and after he sang ‘The Rose’ and he had raised his hand indicating the blossoming of “the rose”, I presented him with a single red rose. He seemed to be very touched and surprised, and immediately came to my table and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Well, what can I say except that I was stunned! I feel very honored.

I don’t say any of this to brag or anything, These two instances were such a thrill for me, who thinks that Bob has no peers in the theatre and is indeed a very special, sensitive person and deserves all the love that his fans give him. I am glad to share them with you all.

From Dawn P

We found a parking spot right in front of the club where Robert was performing, Arci's Place on Park Ave. near 31st Street. The place has just been redone and is beautiful. It features cabaret shows with a lot of Broadway stars performing plus the usual NY cabaret scene performers. Everything is on the ground floor so my chair was not a problem. The crowd was pleasant and we had just a short wait before we were seated. Gay was there as were so many of Robert's fans that I have met at other functions. Everyone was excited and chatted while we waited for the show to start.

Gay made sure we had good seats and actually sat next to us. I could see the stage clearly and was about 3 feet away from Robert while he was performing. He calls his show "Hero" and had some funny lines about how he came up with that title. His humor served to introduce what the true theme of the show was, heroes of our youth giving way to heroes of our adult lives. As you can guess, he performed music that developed the theme beautifully.

He started with two Broadway hero songs, "I am I Don Quixote" from "Man of LaMancha" and "C'est Moi" from "Camelot". This led to a tribute to Errol Flynn who was Robert's first inspiration to act. I was very surprised to learn that Robert was an Elvis fan and in high school had sung with a 50's band impersonating "The King". He did "Love me Tender" just like Elvis complete with the scarf bit. He draped a table napkin he used to mop his brow on an elderly fan and she swooned. Robert has all the moves and the facial styling to carry off the number with great credibility. He ended with the karate kick / split that brought down the house.

Robert did Garth Brooks' "Standing Outside the Fire" and had opened the show with "I Need a Hero". While he was singing "There's a Hero Inside of You" our eyes met, he made me feel he was singing only to me and I felt like we were the only two people in the room. While he sang his signature piece "This is the Moment" from "Jekyll and Hyde" Gay reached over and held my hand. She knows how much this song means to me.

While Robert was performing, he had a linen napkin on the piano that he used to really mop his brow. I had my eye on it since the Elvis thing and Dad picked up on my thoughts. As soon as the show was over and Robert had left the stage, he kind of slides up to the stage and grabs the napkin for me. Gay noticed Dad's move and thought it was kind of cool. I got Robert to sign the napkin and we talked about his off-Broadway performance of "Enter the Guardsman" in May. I plan to see the show after graduation. I asked him about theatre access, because I know Off- Broadway theatres aren't too wheelchair friendly. Robert said not to worry, "we will get you in no matter what". I'm not sure what he meant by 'we' but I could handle being lifted by him. I know if he had to help me to get in, he would be happy to do it. That's what kind of man he is. Sometimes I don't really mind being in a wheelchair, because of people like him.

From Elisa & Joseph B.

Bob has done it again. He just keeps proving was a wonderful entertainer and amazing human being. Arci's performance was off the charts. In Jekyll and Hyde Bob's raw animal magnetism transformed him into a character larger then life, at Arci's he allows you a glimpse into the man. He brings to his performance an unbelievable range of emotions and sentiments. He connects with his audience in a way that few performers can. My husband and I being the same age as Bob (even both born the same month) could relate to his memories of growing up and the songs that he sang. His words and songs of encouragement and strength touched a part of everyone there.

We were lucky enough to be there for both shows and when I was able to speak to him I couldn't believe it. Even after performing twice he was gracious and warm not at all like talking to an entertainer, it was more like greeting an old friend. His love of entertaining and his fans is evident and I think that is what endears him to so many. If you can see the show please do, you will have a wonderful time and memories to last a lifetime.

From Kayt R.

Okay, so here I am , thinking that he couldn’t possibly get any better, more stunning, more handsome, more talented CHARISMATIC, more courteous, comical, charming, calm, cool, (any other C’s you can think of) passionate, inspirational, AND HE DID! I spent all day Saturday so excited and nervous that I couldn’t eat…I had more butterflies in my stomach than I do when I’m performing. But the food was wonderful and the ambiance was quaint. We were seated to the side of the "stage" (more like a platform) but the room was so small that it was a perfect view. As soon as Bob came out, I could hardly breathe, he looked so beautiful and his voice was so powerful. The most overwhelming thing, however, was that during the song he made eye contact with everyone in the room, many times. It was also wonderful to see Bob sing some things other than Broadway music. His incredibly powerful voice is perfect for pop, and Bob proved he is the master of pop music! (As well as everything else!) He was so incredible vocally and emotionally, and because of the intimate setting several times you’d be lost in watching him perform, but than your eyes would meet and for the next for bars or measures he’d be singing  only to you. WOW. I can't even explain it, it was so incredible—one thing that particularly struck me was his version of _Lean On Me_. (A song which I disliked me, quite frankly, until it came out of HIS mouth) It was so charming and funny, that by the time he was finished the audience was clapping along, singing back-up, and left with the distinct feeling that if you ever were in trouble, you could quite seriously call Bob and he would help you out. The entire show was that intimate and special. My favorite line in the show was (while flipping through a dictionary he had on the piano) "I’m just checking…what exactly is a swash?  And how exactly does one buckle it?" It was these kind of cute little lines that gave Bob’s prepared script a very improvisational feel that works so well with  his sense of humor. He started the second show by announcing "Welcome to the 11 o’clock show, where anything can happen. Not only that, it’s the last show of the week, so I mean that." When the first show was over (far too soon) I was so happy that I would get a chance to see it again right away…it was actually a dream come true. If possible, the second show—which started at 11—was somehow better than the first! How can he sing like that when it’s almost midnight?!?! Ahhh, Bob, you just keep getting better and better! I can’t wait for Guardsman!!!

From Donna S.

I was one of the lucky people to be Robert Cuccioli's Saturday April 15th performance at Arci's Place. He was absolutely mesmerizing. There is no other way to describe it. This was the first time I had seen him in something other than Jekyll & Hyde and he was just as wonderful as I expected him to be. I thoroughly enjoyed the "Hero" theme to the show. I loved listening to him describe the different types of hero's he has encountered in his life, and then hearing the song that he connected to each one of them.  My only mistake was not making another reservation to see the show again. But, I have already purchased tickets to Enter the Guardsman and am looking forward to seeing him again, in yet another setting.

From Gerri R.

Tonight was a wonderful evening at Arci's Place.    Robert sang many different types of songs and ended with "This is the Moment".   Because of the small, intimate setting , you could feel every ounce of energy and feeling this man puts into his songs.   What a talented, gifted person he is.   After the show, Robert came out and talked casually to members of the audience, being the gracious gentleman he is.   I urge any Robert Cuccioli fan to see him up close and personal like this!!!   It was an evening to remember!!!

From Pat T.

I just wanted to say that the other night at arci's was was good to see alot of girls from the J&H days....I don't even have to say how I thought Bob performed---OH MY GOD!!! was great would have been nice to be able to say hello to him but I could understand the limitation of time between the two shows....he certainly can brighten up any day!!!! who cares if its raining-he brings out the sunshine (and he probably doesn't even realize it)

From Denise and Frank T

I thought his show was incredibly loving, beautiful and candid. He is so very aware of people's deep feelings and I enjoyed his humor and sensitivity. I appreciate his thoughts and felt thoroughly entertained.  I didn't know his voice was so versatile. He can be very soft spoken, hit very high notes and powerful ones that brought tears to my eyes and sent shivers down my spine. We had a splendid time.

From Jill T., New Jersey

My evening at Arci's was April 14th and I was lucky enough to see Bob perform twice from two different vantage points. From any location, Bob was utterly astounding! Throughout his performance, I felt so much a part of his journey as he grew to who he is today through the many heroes he spoke of, who have touched his life. He made me feel, through the music he chose (which he sang flawlessly) and his dialogue (so very funny, sensitive and compassionate), that I was meshed into the canvas he was painting. As always, his voice touched my very soul. He has proven once again that he can do anything he dreams of.

I always seem to have a kind of great "Bob hang over" for days after I've seen him perform. I remember his movements, his vocalization and articulation and it's as if his performance lives within me. That type of feeling only comes from a very gifted actor and performer and that is Bob Cuccioli. He is one of MY heroes.

And, yes, I have made another reservation to see Bob perform Hero just one more time!

From Linda P.

As part of my son's Confirmation present, I took him to see Robert perform at Arci's on Saturday, April 15th, needless to say, we had a wonderful time. Although we had seen Robert perform in J&H, this was a completely different side of him. The setting is warm, cozy and close. He is extremely open with his feelings and quite comfortable in this format and as always, commands the stage.

His choice of songs are touching and his rendition of Elvis is quite good, everyone really enjoyed that performance. His opening number, "I Need A Hero", will surely get your attention and my personal favorite, "Till There Was You", will make you feel as if he is singing to you alone. He makes consent eye contact with the audience and that sparkle in his eyes never disappears.

Of course, he evening would not be complete without Robert singing "This Is The Moment", which he does perform at the end of the set. I've heard many performers sing this song, but no one does it quite like Robert, no one.

The theme for the evening is "Hero" and Robert's choice of songs covered them all. From action heroes to everyday heroes, to our own personal heroes.

If you want to spend a nice evening out, I suggest Arci's Place. Good food, warm atmosphere and Robert Cuccioli, what more could you ask for? :)

From Joann S.
WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!! That is my review. Saw Bob tonight (4/11) and had a tremendous time. And when he sang right to me - and I mean, RIGHT TO ME (during an Elvis song), my mother tells me that I kept saying, "This can't be happening to me". I loved every song that he chose for his theme of "Heroes" and I enjoyed seeing the comfortable, intimate side of Robert Cuccioli. He is a colossal talent. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!!

From Judy S.



Laura  S. wrote -

"Well, all I can say is WOW!!!!   Just when you thought he couldn't get any more handsome, just when you thought he couldn't sing any more beautifully,  just when you thought he couldn't be any more talented, just when you thought he couldn't reach any deeper into your chest and pull at your heart, and just when you thought you couldn't have any more love, respect and affection for this man --- he outdoes himself!!!! AMAZING!"

Laurie W. wrote -

"I saw Bob at Arci's on Thursday.  It was so great to see him again.  He looked rested and happy to be doing a cabaret act where he could choose the music that he wanted to sing.  The theme is "Hero" as he talks about his heroes growing up and his heroes of today.    I was truly moved by the songs he chose to sing and the passion he showed while singing.  You could see how these songs personally moved him and how they affected his life.  I was touched beyond words.  His voice was even better than the last time I heard it and he really was having fun with this show.  As he is singing, he looks out at each and every person to make you feel as if he is singing to you, and only you.  He has that rare quality of being able to engage a crowd not only by his voice, but by a look or that sparkle in his smile.  It is great to see Bob in this medium.  I hope he does more shows of this kind so his fans can see the real person behind the voice."

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