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Just when you think it's safe to go back to the theatre, Bob pulls off yet ANOTHER unbelieveable feat. Who'da thought there was a Bashful Walrus, a "Very Interesting" Clown, a Womanizing Fox and a Aging Diva hiding within the depths of Bob's psyche? And who'da thought it would be possible to be all four of them at the same time? After seeing Carnival I was reminded all over again of why I will always hold Bob on a pedistal above all other performers I've seen. His passion for his craft, his creativity, and his unwavering attention to detail made Carnival a performance the likes of which I have never seen, not at the Plymouth Threatre a few years back and not anywhere else, for that matter. It still amazes me how much Bob grows as a performer each time I see him, and watching him delve into such a vague, statc character as Paul and return with a three-dementional, multi-faceted person is an amazing sight to behold. He had me so entranced that at times I reacted with shock or surprise as though I were involved in the plot myself.

At the same time, I could not stop laughing at the knowledge that it was Bob behind that curtain producing those fabulous voices! At times during the spirited "puppet" conversation it seemed as though the voices overlapped, so flawless was the timing and interation between Carrot Top, Henry, Renardo and Marguerite. Between the playful number "Golden Delicious," Henry's "Long, white Gleeeeeeaming Toosks" and Marguerite's high pitched announcement "I was Carmen in Aida!!!" Bob had me in stitches. And who could forget Renardo, after all you haven't lived until you've done the Fox Trot with a genuine Fox...

Bob's voice, as always, is consistantly flawless and the seemingly effortless way it soars through a melody line will never cease to astonish me. I enjoyed the more legit sound if the score, and the way he weaved spoken word so seamlessly into the songs, giving them almost an operatic, grand sense of emotion. "Everybody Likes You", a song which gains it's power from it's simplicity, was simply amazing. What is usually percieved as "cute" was made "crushing" by Bob's emotional honesty and intensity.

His use of the cane in symbolic terms was profound and added so much to the audience's understanding of what makes Paul tick. I half expected to see him limp out of the stage door, so consistant was his unsteady gait and shameful inhibitions regarding his injured leg! Instead he emerged in full health (and a FABULOUS pair of blue suede shoes!) and was friendly and gracious to his fans--as he has been everytime I've felt the need to wait around and share my enthusiasm for his performance with him.

Overall, the show was a very strong production. The directing was full of interesting choices and the ensamble was wonderful. The technical aspects, in particular the lighting design, were phenominal. I left the theatre full of awe at Bob's astounding performance, and--of course--singing "Love Makes The World Go 'Round."

Kayt R.

Amazing! I loved the show and Robert was Fabulous!!!! I loved when he did the voices, especially Carrot Top. I of course waited afterwards by the stagedoor and me him and he was sooo sweet as usual but VERY tired. He had to think of how to write his name..... Poor Guy!!! But all in all the show was great! If I wasn't caught up in finals and things I would go se it again. Definitely kudos to Robert... great job . It was such a great role for him. (and once again he played more than one role.. or at least voice.... LOL :-)   )  The entire cast worked hard and did a great job and definitely  seemed to have sooo much fun doing the show!!!


Well, our favorite guy continues to outdo himself!  This past weekend's performances of 'CARNIVAL' were spectacular!!   He gave so much of himself to the audience - I was moved beyond my imaginings.   He has an innate ability to touch everyone with his depth, passion, and immense talent.  I'm drained, elated, and so very thankful that I'm a part of his audience.   I still don't think he truly realizes the impact he makes on all of us.  He has so enriched so very many lives - I'm grateful to be one of them.

Patty C.

We went to see Bob last night in Carnival, 8pm Tues. June 18th. We were very excited to see him again. His acting was incredibly in sync, as all the other actors were too. It was amazing how he worked all the puppet voices right on cue. Even my husband didn't know it was Bob doing all the voices. Everyone worked so well together. Even when someone got a big slap in the face... my husband and I held on to each other, WOW. You know how powerful Bob's acting is. We were very pleased and it was well worth the long ride over there. We even had a wonderful dinner beforehand in the village in a nice Italian restaurant.We had asked the waitress if the actors ever came in there to eat before performances... and she said yes they were just here. How exciting, I thought. We met a lovely couple that was very interested in Bob's talent also. We didn't get a chance to see Bob after the performance because we had to get home, but I do hope he knew we were there. Great seats by the way, center orchestra, G107 and G108. Thank you once again Bob for such an enjoyable evening!

Denise and Frank T.,   Brooklyn, New York

OH MY!!!!!!!!! YA' THINK YOU'VE SEEN EVERYTHING BOB CAN DO ON STAGE AND THEN.....WHAM!...HE SURPRISES ME AGAIN AND IS THE MOST WONDERFUL PUPPETEER,PRODUCING DIFFERENT VOICES (that at the puppets' first appearance, I didn't even recognize their "voices" as Bob's!).

Bob Cuccioli is by far the absolute best, in my book. I give up thinking I know his performance capabilities...I do not nor will I ever. I keep showing up at his shows, and every time over the last four/five years, I am moved, touched deep within, smiling, laughing, and so mesmerized within the show that I actually forget I'm sitting in an audience and not actually apart of the show (I can dream, can't I? :). His singing voice is even more beautiful and stirs me to my very soul.

I knew, once I had seen J&H on Broadway, that this was a man I wanted to "follow" (for lack of a better word) and watch his career unfold. The gift of joining his fan club is more important to me TODAY than it was during J&H! Not only have I seen and "felt" wonderful performances, but I have found a "friend" in him. Bob is giving of himself not only on stage but at the stage-door afterwards as well. I know that he must be tired and want to just sit and relax, but ALWAYS he's made time for me and others. A man thoroughly blessed and me too, for knowing him.

Thank you, Bob, for EVERYTHING!!    I'd see Carnival again and again, but (of course) Bob must be in it! :)

                                        Jill T.    Park Ridge, NJ

Carnival  was absolutely one of the best plays I've ever seen. I loved it! And Bob --- I'm going to have a hard time finding the right words to describe his performance last night. He was so totally awesome in his portrayal of Paul! I know it's going to sound like I'm "gushing" but I have never seen him better. I felt his pain! His singing had me melting in my seat & I am so glad that I had a front row seat. I knew it wasn't so, but we felt like he was singing right to us during 2 of the songs. His voice actually brought tears to our eyes -- as Paul the puppeteer AND as the puppets.

Each voice was just perfect for each puppet and it really showed another aspect of Bob's wide range of talent. The walrus voice was my favorite though Carrot Top was the puppet that said everything "Paul" wanted to say. It was definitely a play worth seeing and though it was darker than the movie, it really was very enjoyable. There are a lot of light-hearted, fun scenes too (they just don't include Bob's character.)

There is also a lot of singing and that DOES include Bob's character.  What a voice!! He really tugs at the heartstrings in this play & I think that's one of the reasons I like it so much. The play has been over for hours now but the memory is lingering on, like the "high" one feels after a good concert. That "high" could also be due to the fact that we waited at the stage door and saw Bob!  He looked great! He was ever so sweet to us. The way that he takes the time for his fans is just another thing that makes him so special (gush, gush).

I feel blessed that I discovered his talents several years ago because his songs (CD's) & his TV appearances (some on tape) have gotten me through some tough times, especially recently.

Karen P.    Avenel, NJ

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