Bob recreated his   wonderfully  comedic character">

Bob recreated his   wonderfully  comedic character,

"The Actor" in the Off-Broadway debut of

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 "Enter The Guardsman"

May 9-June 4th

Other cast members were:

Mark Jacoby (recreating   his role as "The Playwright")

Derin Altay, Buddy Cruthfield,  Kate Dawson, Rusty Faircane,  Marla Shaffle

Those lucky enough to have caught this play last year know how wonderful it was... to those who missed it - don't pass up this chance.    This production surpassed all box offices records during it's run last fall at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival.   Due to huge box office demand, an additional week was added and many performances were sold out. 

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108 East 15th Street (between Park and Irving)

New York, NY

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