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Gail N.......      This was a thriller from beginning to end - you knew disaster was coming but from which direction and who ultimately was going to 'get' his or hers?  All the characters, except maybe the sheriff ( but he also had his own agenda) were each in their own way more than a bit sleazy, smarmy, sneaky, sexual, smart, sensual, slimy,  (psycho?)   - this one seems to inspire a lot of  'S' words.  The plot twists and turns fast enough to keep you on the edge of your seat and gasping.  

Bob's performance was a wonder - a husband at once subtle and brutal, obnoxious and loving, dominating and dependent, demanding and needy;  Margaret Colin - she was superb - a wife helpless and helpful, controlled and controlling,  willing /unwilling? partner in crime, seducer and victim, you wanted to cheer her on and smack her into reality at the same time, well, maybe she had reality right there firmly in front of her all the time.  and Chad Allen   -  he was the perfect pawn in the game.  All of the characters -  like them? sympathize? despise them?  scared of them? All of them give you these mixed, uneasy feelings and make you think about what is going on inside of them.   It was like being on a (emotional) roller coaster or in my case, the 'Tower of Terror' .

 One thing I learned - if anyone asks you to  ' Take the truck, Dear'  the proper response is 'You first, Honey!'

 GO AND SEE THIS SHOW!!!  Its exciting, and did I say thrilling!!!, thought provoking and you have the ultimate satisfaction of marvelous performances from everyone in the cast.    (especially Mr. C - and love those whiskers, sideburns, muttonchops, facial hairsutism.  But please be careful, Bob, a little real blood (elbow boo boo) goes a long way.)  

 (By the way, this show is definitely NOT FOR CHILDREN - would be 'R' rated if a movie.)

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