Fan Reviews - Hero - July 8, 2005

"Hero" Revisited

Seeing Bob perform "Hero" again touched on so many different elements for me.  It was familiar and comforting, yet still fresh and exciting.  I thought I knew what to expect, but was wonderfully surprised and moved.  The choice of songs connected very effectively to his major theme throughout the evening.  Bob's sincerity and generosity came across to us with every song, along with the beauty and richness of his voice.

For any skeptics out there, I can attest that time travel does exist, for while Bob sang "This is the Moment", we all felt transported back to the first time we heard those memorable words.  How was that even possible?  Well, for all of us who know, we realize nothing is impossible while Bob is onstage.  Because of his immense talents and ever-present passion, bob has once again shown himself to be a hero  by any definition!

Patty C.

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