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A new musical starring Robert Cuccioli as  Henry Lord was held at the  Los Angeles Theater Center November 17 - November 21">

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A new musical starring Robert Cuccioli as  Henry Lord was held at the  Los Angeles Theater Center November 17 - November 21, 1999

DORIAN   ---  FAN    PHOTOS        06/15/00

Fan Reviews.......

"I had the wonderful opportunity to see 'Dorian' in Los Angeles this past November with Bob playing Henry Lord.  It was a splendid production with great music, lyrics, and acting.  Particularly enjoyable was the contemporary setting (present day New Orleans), and time period (1980-2000).

It was also a unique experience and quite interesting.  Each night, before the play began, the director, James Mellon, came onstage to discuss some background on this 'work-in-progress'.  He made the audience feel as if we were an integral part and important element to the performance, and he genuinely invited any feedback we would like to share.     Everyone involved in the production was accessible after the show and eagerly awaited our input.  It was very exciting to feel so involved with such a new and innovative project.

The play is an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray', and Bob's part was a merging of two characters from the book - Basil, the artist who painted Dorian's picture, and Lord Henry Wotton, the supercynical manipulator who is fascinated by and befriends Dorian.

Bob's attention to detail was evident as every in his portrayal of an artist - checking for proper sunlight, glancing frequently at his watch for time of day, and ultimately positioning his subject.  The opening song, 'Be Careful What You Wish For' is both powerful and thought provoking, as well as beautifully sung by Bob with great passion and intensity.

While I found Lord Henry (in the book) to be malevolent and with no redeeming qualities, Henry Lord (as played by Bob) seemed to me a sad character, searching for his youth and a life he could never reclaim, but could possibly reexperience through Dorian.  He was cynically humorous, but not evil.  It was gratifying to see his relationship with his wife and daughter evolve, and to see his relationship with Dorian disintegrate.

Bob's command of the stage and his presence was breathtaking and awe inspiring, and his interpretation of Henry was vibrant and memorable.

There is one brief, but pivotal,scene in the second act that truly moved me and illustrates the vast range of Bob's talents.  Dorian is experience a drug-induced nightmare sequence, and he envisions his dead grandfather, Kelso Devereaux.  Bob plays Kelso in the sequence, and the change in demeanor, voice and posture is striking and so believable.  There truly is no part for which is unsuited.

To sum up, 'Dorian' was a wonderful adventure, full of ecletric music, biting humor, great acting and varying emotions.  Once again, Bob's performance was unequalled, and worth the trip.  It is always exciting to see Bob at work creating characters with depth and passion we will long remember after the curtain comes down."

                                                                                                                                                Patty C.

"I saw 'Dorian' and WowowoW!   

To my delight the two characters from the book, Basil the painter of the portrait and Lord Henry, Dorian's corrupter are combined into one man, Henry Lord - played, of course, by Robert (gee, hasn't he been called Henry before....) 

The musical opened with a creaking door - you saw a rectangle of light - someone had opened the attic door and is coming up.  You see the shadow of a man in the rectangle of light, walking up the center steps, larger than life - it's Robert, walking into Dorian's attic. 

He comes on stage and quietly asks the audience in that seductively soft voice, 'What are you thinking?' and then said 'Naughty!'  -- He then went into the first song 'Be Careful What You Wish For.'  

I don't want to give the story away but I am  kicking myself that I didn't see it a FEW times!

I didn't get to go to the stage door but I wonder if he is planning to stay with this show thorough it's further development and (hopefully) Broadway debut?"

Barbara T.

Well, I was not prepared for the production I saw in Los Angeles of DORIAN. I did not expect it to be so avant garde. It was an ultra-contemporary production of The Picture of Dorian Gray, which I had read.

I must say that the first few times I saw it, I did not like most of the show. Robert Cuccioli was perfectly cast and had an important role throughout. The music was perfect for his voice - indeed he was marvelous with the three songs that he had. It seems to me that they were difficult songs to sing, almost acapella, but Robert did them magnificently. I am still in awe of his talent. He completely dominated the show and was a huge figure among the other smaller cast members.

The music was great and so were most of the other performers. It was just not my cup of tea - UNTIL the last show and then I loved it. Robert was great as the Grandfather with his Southern Accent. I doubt if anyone else could have performed this part better. As usual, his amazing talent and voice - it soared in this production and seemed better than ever - he has no equal, as far as I am concerned. It was a privilege to see the man again. May he shine forever.

                                                                                                                                                             Barbara M.

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