Robert Cuccioli

Robert Cuccioli

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The Robert Cuccioli Fan Club

If any of you have seen Bob's performances, you will know why this club was formed.

For those of you fortunate enough to have met him, you know how much your support means to him.

We are all excited about this club and hope that you'll decide to join.

Dues are $10 per year (U.S. residents             $15 per year for all household members (U.S.)

    $20 (Non-US residents                          $30 per year for all household members (Non-US)

Upon receipt of the first year's dues you will receive the following:

An autographed 8x10 photograph

A membership card

A biography

A career history

Current Year's Newsletters

Previous Year's Newsletters

Advance notice of performances (time permitting)

(Copies of  past newsletters available @ $10 per year)

To join - complete your membership application  

along with your membership dues to:


%  Gay Dupre

830 Rockbass Road

Suwanee, Georgia 30024  USA

Checks should be made payable to   Gay Dupre, R.C.F.C.

E-mail questions may be sent to

Please contact Gay if you have any questions, comments or concerns.. Thanks for your interest.



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