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2010                                              SCKBSTD

Dietrich & Chevalier

Making Waves

                                                    Something Wicked This Way Comes     

                                                     Broadway Live

                                                    Feinstein's - A Standard Love -       

                                                    Jekyll & Hyde - Director - Westchester Broadway Theatre

                                                    White Collar (Prisoner's Dilemma) (USA Network, August, 2010)

                                                                              T'was the Night Before a Brooklyn Christmas' (industry Reading)

                                                    Broadway Musicals of 1966

                                                    Music Takes Flight      


                                                    Benefit Reading of Amphitryon

2009                                            Holiday Cabaret

                                                    James Barbour Holiday Concert

                                                    A Moon To Dance By

                                                    Town Hall Concerts



                                                    Les Miserables'

                                                    42nd Street 


                                                    A Moon To Dance By

2008                                            Angels The Musical Reading

                                                    Holiday Cabaret               

                                                    The Seafarer 

                                                    Town Hall  Concerts



2007-2008                                               Phantom

2007                                             Man of LaMancha

                                                            Showboat Concert

                                                 Lone Star Love


2006 -  2007                            Jacques Brel Is Alive & Well & Living in Paris

                                                Stuck in the Zipper Concert

2005 -                                     Mirette

                                                Julius Caesar

                                                20th Century Concert


                                               Sound of Music


2004 -                                    Macbeth

                                               Guys and Dolls

                                               Jekyll & Hyde (Director-Houston)

2003 -                                    The Sound Of Music


                                   Glass Menagerie (Director)

                                               Funny Girl

2002 --                          Temporary Help

                                   2002 Benefit Cabaret

                                   Dorian - Denver

                                                       Jekyll & Hyde - Director-Pittsburgh

                                                      Guys & Dolls                                        


                                             Richard Rogers NY Historical Society Concert

                                                      Antony & Cleopatra

2001 ---                                 A Little Night Music      

                                             Jekyll & Hyde-  Director - Westchester Broadway Theatre      

                                            Bells Are Ringing

                                            Funny Girl    

                                            School for Scandal

2000 ----                              Victor/Victoria

                                            Threepenny Opera

                                            Antony & Cleopatra

                                            Pajama Game

                                            Enter The Guardsman - New York


                                 The MAC Awards

                                           Brush UP Your Shakespeare  

                                The Sons of Don Juan

1999 ---                              Dorian


                                          Enter The Guardsman

                                         The Secret Garden

1997-1999                       Jekyll & Hyde

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