Amadeus Reviews


"Robert Cuccioli, who starred in the double lead role in the 1997 Broadway production of "Jekyll & Hyde," turns in a stunning performance as sarcastic court composer Antonio Salieri. Slyly venomous and obsessively jealous of Mozart's musical mastery, the aging, dying Salieri relates, in a series of graphic flashbacks, the subtle but ruthlessly manipulative acts that destroyed Mozart's career and ultimately his life.

Cuccioli, who has triumphed in recent seasons at the Garden State theater as Mark Antony, Brutus and Macbeth, remains onstage throughout the play, creating a chillingly authoritative characterization laced with fury and cunning wit........"

NJ Star Ledger

"Cuccioli, in Joe Discher's magnificent staging, ultimately makes a bigger impression. Except for a 15-minute intermission, Cuccioli never leaves the stage of the Madison playhouse. For 2½ hours, he must do Peter Shaffer's superb play right here and now, and do it right.   He does. ........"


"A stunningly wry performance by Robert Cuccioli as Salieri ........................................Salieri is one of his best roles.................."

Talkin' Broadway

",,,,,,allows Robert Cuccioli to establish a strong rapport with the audience from the beginning as his Salieri takes us on a journey into his past.  Cuccioli's cunning but pathetically deluded and twisted Salieri is not so much evil as he is a clueless victim of the failure of his simple faith.

My Central Jersey.Com

"Any good actor worth his salt would probably give his eye teeth to play Antonio Salieri in "Amadeus.".......Apparently, Robert Cuccioli wasn't required to make such a sacrifice. We know that he still has all of his teeth because he sinks them firmly and quite thoroughly into the latest production of Peter Shaffer's popular play, now on stage at The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey"


Packet On Line

"Mr. Cuccioli is extraordinary. We know of his singing talents — he made his Broadway debut as Javert in Les Miserables and played the lead in Jekyll and Hyde. But he has through the years used Madison as a “chance to learn my craft” and that has included roles such as Brutus in Julius Caesar; the title role in Macbeth; Antony in Antony and Cleopatra. At the final curtain, as the opening night audience rose as one to its feet, perhaps Mr. Cucciloi had a glimpse at how well he has mastered his “craft.”........."

NY Times

Mr. Cuccioli, eyes ablaze, body bent with age, is splendid as the elderly composer. He is equally credible as a young Salieri, favorite of the Viennese court, ambitious sycophant and invidious snooper into the private life of his rival...."