"Heavy Metal"

Bob's episode will air

Monday, April 11, 2005 - 11am EASTERN time

on the Sci-Fi Channel - check cable/satellite listings!


Starring Robert Cuccioli

10/5/99               Written by: Chris Black

Directed by: Guy Magar

Guest Starring: Robert Cuccioli (Paxton),

Marshall Teague (Redfield), Claudette Mink (Brice), Clayton Landey (Capt. Thompson)

The Sliders must join the crew of a pirate ship to return to California.

The Sliders' timer has a problem holding the designated sliding coordinates and erroneously dumps them into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They are saved from the ocean depths by a merchant ship, populated by a band of pirates heading by Paxton. Because the timer only works within a 400 mile radius of California, the Sliders must travel back to land to slide out. Fortunately, the pirates are headed back to the mainland, and the Sliders join the marauding bandits. Paxton immediately takes a liking to Maggie and proves that he is not as ruthless as he seems. He reveals that he was wrongly accused of a crime by the Coasties, a corrupt law enforcement arm, and has vowed to seek revenge. Maggie empathizes and finds herself returning Paxton's affection. During a pirates' raid in San Diego, Mallory is captured by the Coasties. They threaten to kill him if the pirates do not return the merchandise they stole from the Coasties. Reluctant to give in to their demands, Paxton devises a plan that saves Mallory and helps the Sliders return to California.


"O.K. I feel silly but I'll add my voice. I don't watch much T.V and I don't watch Sliders. But I was channel surfing and came across this beautiful man. Wow! I'd watch more T.V. if he was on the screen. I actually sat and watched the whole episode - an unheard of thing for me. I understand he is a "real" theater actor but they should give him his own T.V. series. Something where he gets to play the hero/leader. I'm sure I wouldn't be the only woman to watch it.

Rachel L.

"To many of you, this may sound crazy, but I honestly never heard of Robert Cuccioli until Sliders.   I am primarily a sci-fi fan, and I watch the show.  When Mr. Cuccioli's character of Paxton appeared, and he spoke his first lines to the Sliders crew, well, my   mouth just dropped opened.  His voice was phenomenal!  And his stage presence, even on the television screen, was something that I just couldn't ignore.  I made it a point to rewatch the repeat broadcast on the sci-fi channel that same Friday evening, and then again on the Saturday rebroadcast.  I was mesmerized, and had to find out who he was.  So, a little searching on the net led me to this site.  Needless to say, I wasn't too surprised to see that he was well known on the Broadway circuit.  I don't get out of Nebraska much, however, I would definitely make an exception to see him on stage.  (BTW, I've never heard of the show Jekyll & Hyde, but after listening to him in some sound bites of it from, I'm going out to get the CD!  The music is incredible, but it's primarily Robert's voice that has me captivated!)

One More thing, I did catch the repeat broadcast on January 8th of Heavy Metal, and this time, I did have the VCR up and recording.  As far as episodes go, this one was pretty good, but the presence of Robert Cuccioli is what really sent it over the top!"                                                                                                             Teresa K.

"Well, he's done it again!  Not a big fan of sci-fi network but what a great excuse to tune in.   Bob made a very nice appearance on the Sliders.  I have to say, his stage training was showing with his perfect diction, but in a good way!  It is a pleasure to watch him perform, he really is very talented.  Here's to hope of more in home viewing!! But, live is still best!"

            Gail K.

"Bob indeed proved his acting mettle with his part and was something else on Sliders.  It was a better show than I thought.   I watched it later so I could scan only for the Bob parts.  The regulars are a somewhat boring bunch and when he wasn't in a scene he was missed.    Whew!  If Broadway ever does a musical version of Rambo - Bob's got it in the bag!"

Janeen P.

"Robert did a very commendable job. He has a wide range of talents(including that quick tying back of his hair.) Hmm wonder where that came from? He was very good, the show moved at a good pace and I certainly hope he gets the chance to do more television.  He really is very talented. Good job!"                                                   B.S.

"Well Robert was great in SLIDERS but I new he would be.  I just saw Enter the Guardsmen on Oct. 2nd - Robert can play any part and play it GREAT.  I do hope to see Robert on tv and on the big screen more but I hope he will be back on Broadway again someday . I love watching him up on that stage . His voice is amazing and the way he puts himself in every part he plays well there is just no words to describe it.  I wish him all the best in what ever he has  planned next which I know will be GREAT. "                                                   Nancy J.

"I was so pleased to see Robert in a strictly acting role, and doing SO good at it! The second he walked onto the screen my heart was all aflutter. I thought the immediate connection with him and Maggie was so intense, just the look in their eyes! As the show went on I found myself mesmerized by Robert's performance. But when the scene came when him and Maggie were in bed, I started screaming "No! Get your hands off of him!! " My roommate thought I was crazy! The end scene when Paxton gave his necklace to Maggie, my eyes were filled with tears. The pure look on Robert's face had me in tears (and I don't cry that easily)

On a scale of 0-10 for the show's presentation, I would give it a 9.

On a scale of 0-10 for Robert's performance, I would give it a 20 "                         Jennifer

"Bob sure looked sexy in this-too bad the story was not up to his acting abilities but it was great seeing him on the big screen.  Let's hope he does more T.V. with shows that show his talent."                                                                                                                 unknown fan

"Yet, again, I'm astounded! It was such a thrill to watch Bob perform on TV, in the comfort of my living room, and get just as thrilled about his character portrayal. I must finally accept that each time I am witness to his acting finesse, I will always be surprised as to his never-ending range of abilities. Bob is, of course, very handsome but there are plenty of actors with that God-given gift. His extra special gift is being able to pull me completely into ANY story line and keep me at the edge of my seat, waiting for more. It was also a treat to see him as a character not wearing an 1800's lounging robe but up-to-date army fatigues. Yes sir, I'm happy and I can watch it whenever I want on my VCR! Thank you, Bob, once more."

Jill, New Jersey

"What can I say.  The man is brilliant.  We absolutely loved it.  He is a great actor.  Can't wait to see Butterfly Legend.  He made a very sexy pirate!  But knowing how dedicated he is to all he does, I knew he'd be great.  He always gives 110% to everything he does, so how can he not be brilliant.  I was very happy to get to see him on TV.  Keep up the good work..You have a great future ahead of you."

                    Love,   Rosanna

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