2019 Dracula: The Covenant - Studio Recording (In Production)

2018 Michael Strogoff: Courier of the Tsar - The York Theatre Reading (In Development)

2018 Jekyll & Hyde - North Shore Music Theatre {IRNE Nomination Best Director - Musical Large Stage}

This epic musical’s not done very often but NSMT brings the original star of the musical Robert Cuccioli in to direct this phenomenal production with a multitalented 22 member cast…Robert casts each role perfectly and moves the cast around the stage and the whole theatre excellently. Having played the leading role on Broadway, he knows the show inside and out and makes the first entrance of Mr. Hyde not only remarkable but extremely impressive and frightening. Robert elicits the pathos needed for this epic tale to show man’s inner struggle between good and evil, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats especially during the murder scenes. – The Theatre Mirror

2017 The Merchant of Venice - The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey {10 Best Productions of 2017 - NJ Star-Ledger}

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey (STNJ) opens its 2017 season with a stunning production of William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, a show that has not been performed by the company in 17 years. Directed by Robert Cuccioli, the excellent staging and stellar cast makes this 16th century dark comedy enthralling. – Broadway World
These and the play's other impressive performances come together under the intelligent direction of Cuccioli, who shows a keen eye for the intricacies of Shakespeare's script. Resisting the temptation either to trot out a pat version of a well-known play or to impose a constructed vision, Cuccioli proves especially well-attuned to the complexities of the relationships between these characters. The affection between Antonio and Bassanio (John Keabler), for instance, is subtle but not underplayed. So, too, does Cuccioli raise interesting questions about the strength of love between Lorenzo (Anthony Michael Martinez) and Jessica (Amaia Arana). Here and elsewhere throughout the play Cuccioli's work proves thoughtful and provocative. – NJ.com

2010 Jekyll & Hyde - The Westchester Broadway Theatre

“Run to this ‘Hyde’ - A triumphant staging of the musical opens in Elmsford. Flawless is the best word to describe the new staging of ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ at Westchester Broadway Theatre. Everything about it is as good as it could be...The effect is spellbinding...The large cast nails character with precision...There’s simply nothing that gets in the way of being carried along with the storytelling.” - Edward Buroughs - The Journal News
"Jekyll & Hyde’ a real thriller at Westchester...under the inspired direction of Robert Cuccioli, the show is reborn as an elegantly haunting Victorian drama -- the likes of which haven’t graced this stage since it’s mammoth hit, ‘Phantom.’” - Chelsey Plemmons - The News-Times

2004 Jekyll & Hyde - Houston Theatre Under The Stars

2003 The Glass Menagerie - The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

In its current revival at the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey, “The Glass Menagerie” reaffirms the wondrous spell Tennessee Williams can cast. The production marks the dramatic directorial debut of Robert Cuccioli, once Broadway’s elusively cunning Jekyll and Hyde. Under his perceptive guidance, the play’s gentle humor emerges, and its evocative melancholia envelops the heart and singes the soul. - Variety
 “The play, considered Tennessee Williams’ most autobiographical, is getting a fresh, compelling airing by director Robert Cuccioli and a cast of four that not only rises to the level of “must-see” but delivers one of the finest productions of any Williams’ work ever seen...This production will burn itself into your own memory.”  - Stuart Duncan - The Princeton Packet
 “Actor/director Robert Cuccioli has staged a near-perfect production...Mr. Cuccioli’s direction is detailed and sure. He gives the actors enough freedom to create their own portraits while adding his own delicate touches and retaining enough control to make the production truly his own.”  - Larry S. Ledford - Commuter Week

 “Madison ‘Glass Menagerie’ shimmers, with shattered dreams and memories...He (Robert Cuccioli) has found the subtleties in the text and given a free hand to the actors in finding fresh interpretations in this classic.”  - Liz Keill - Independent Press

2002 Jekyll & Hyde - Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera

The CLO result is compelling largely because of Cuccioli's crisp storytelling…I can't enough praise Cuccioli's and choreographer Tony Stevens' staging, which is lightly fluid, pushing forward but taking time when needed. You could call it cinematic, but I just call it good stage direction…Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“...A powerful version...Cuccioli has tightened the production and tried to develop the characters more, which adds to the overall success of this production.” - Jim Heasley - The Leader Times
CLO’s ‘Jekyll & Hyde’, a taut, creepy thriller...I can’t praise enough Cuccioli’s and choreographer Tony Stevens’ staging, which is lightly fluid, pushing forward but taking time when needed. You could call it cinematic, but I just call it good stage direction.” - Christopher Rawson - The Post-Gazette

2001 Jekyll & Hyde - The Westchester Broadway Theatre